Electronic hookah and shisha pens are a lot safer than smoking the traditional hookah. You may ask, why is that? Well, when you smoke a traditional hookah, you are smoking tobacco and often in a large volume. In other words, traditional hookah smoking is comparable to cigarette smoking. Traditional hookah smoking contain toxins and lead to cancer the same way cigarettes do as you are inhaling carbon monoxide.

E Hookahs on the other hand does not contain tobacco. As the name suggests, it’s electronic. So how does this electronic pen work? Most electronic shisha pens will contain a battery used to power the atomizer. The atomizer heats up the e liquid contained within the pen. The e liquid is usually composed of water, and organic compounds with fruit flavoring. So essentially, you are inhaling fruit flavored steam. There is no risk of getting cancer from using electronic hookahs. You are not inhaling any toxins or carbon monoxide.

Because e hookahs do not produce any carbon monoxide, there is no need to worry about second hand “smoke” as there is no smoke. Some fruit flavored e hookahs may have a fruit smell when in the air but will not linger for more than 10 seconds.

So is it safe to use? Yes, there is nothing unsafe about inhaling fruit flavored steam.